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Since the mid-nineties Jem Panufnik has been right at the cutting edge of underground art culture, most notably with Finger Lickin’ Records, the internationally acclaimed dance music label he co-founded and which for over a decade acted as a springboard for his creativity ranging from graphics, illustration and animation to DJing, composition and record production.

Jem’s visual creations continue to adorn countless record covers, t-shirts, club and festival projections across the world, as well as beer and food labels, book jackets, murals, posters, flyers and other music-related media, many of which are now extremely collectable. Much of Jem’s graphics and videos, alongside his musical exploits as producer/DJ Jem Stone, Soul of Man and Bush Doctors can be seen on his main website

Jem has exhibited paintings, prints and sculptures in successful shows both in London and San Francisco.

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