Fanciful Scenes of Brighton & Hove

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The coastal pleasure-seeking capital of Brighton has always had a place in my heart – from family day trips in the ’70s eating fish and chips to student calamity with friends and flings, and then since the ’90s many many fabulous nights DJing or putting on Finger Lickin’ events at Concorde 2, Funky Buddha Lounge, Audio, too many to remember even if I could remember…

As well as its hedonistic reputation it is also a beautiful town with wonderful Regency architecture and fantastic follies like the Pavilion, so when I was invited to exhibit at Hotel Pelirocco it seemed obvious that I should do some subverting as I had done with my own manor of Twickenham and play on the town’s historic and flamboyant character.

So do have a stroll along the prom prom prom and click here how to order.